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Communities with credible leadership that represents the culture of human rights.


AYINET is committed  to  partnerships at all levels aimed at creating new horizons for sustainable peace and justice


To mobilize and empower the youth and communities in promoting healthy, peaceful and just society.

Our Objectives

1. Providing Medical and Psychosocial Rehabilitation as a Form of Remedy for War Victims


2. Empowering Victims for Active Participation in Transitional Justice


3. Engaging and Empowering Youth as Leaders, Youth at Risk and Youth as Game Changers

Victor Ochen, himself a childhood victim of war, and the African Youth Initiative Network, which he founded to work for the healing of trauma and to promote youth leadership, have been nominated for the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize by the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC).

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British High Commissioner  applauds Uganda, AYINET on SDGs

"Uganda can be very proud that the country’s first Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and founder of the African Youth Initiative Network, Victor Ochen, has been chosen as Global Ambassador for the Sustainable Development Goal on Peace and Justice. This is an excellent example of a Ugandan activist from a Ugandan NGO making a global impact," Alison Blackburne British High Commissioner to Uganda.

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AYINET is Committed to Making Peace and Justice a Reality for Victims and Survivors of War

There is wide acceptance of the high risk conditions of majority youths in the country, and more particularly among those living in post conflict areas; gambling and drug abuse and ever increasing criminality has fast grown into a norm.

AYINET Resilient youths empowered through NSSF Program

Restoring the lives of war victims

26 year old Nancy Auma, is one of 574 beneficiaries  men, women and children who have benefited from free reconstructive surgery, medical rehabilitation as well as counseling under the United Nations' Peace Building Programme (PBP) for Northern Uganda, which has enabled her to lead a normal life.


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Youth Leadership for Peace and Reconciliation

The African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET) with support from USAID, through Supporting Access to Justice, Fostering Equity and Peace (SAFE), came up with a project of  “Engaging and Empowering Youth as Leaders; Youth at Risk; and Youth as Game Changers for Peace and Reconciliation.”


The project is youth-specific approaches to post-war conflict transformation, reconciliation and peace building.                             Read More

Engaging Leadership at all levels to ensure Justice for  Victims

Uganda’s President YK Museveni and the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon played football organized by  AYINET to mobilize support and solidarity for the Victims of War; during the ICC review conference in Kampala; May 2010.

...“I express my deep respect to victims and survivors of crimes who experienced unspeakable atrocities. Instead of being crushed by war, you struggled and regained your dignity. Above all, your efforts in helping other people regain their dignity too. Mutually, the time is now we have to stand up in solidarity and protect the human rights for all. I want to thank the African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET) for organizing this memorable War Victims Football Match, they created opportunity for all of us to stand up and support victims of war”


United Nations Secretary General

H.E Ban-Ki-Moon



...“Collectively, our solidarity with war victims’ world-over.

I wish to applaud the African Youth Initiative Network- AYINET, for hosting the War Victims Day Football Game. Football has brought us together today. World leaders, ICC State Delegates, War Victims and all people of good will for the noble cause. As we participate, each in our unique ways, we have the opportunity to identify with our brothers and sisters whose lives have regrettably not only been affected, but also defined by war and other cowardly acts of terrorism and crimes against humanity. Together with the United Nations, we in The Republic of Uganda express our solidarity with war victims”


President of Uganda

H.E Y.K Museveni



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Young war victim trades wounds and scars for hope and inspiration

Ogwal Isaac, 12 from Agago District is wounded at a tender age. But throughout the course of his life, he is to undergo a lot of stigma and torture owing to his maimed nature. Isaac, like many of his friends, relatives and village mates are victims to the two decade conflict of the LRA rebellion in Uganda, in which period, the greater north of the country suffered atrocities and gross human rights offenses.


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Post Election Statement

"One life lost is too many, it exceeds the threshold of peaceful elections” Victor OCHEN Read more


Hope and Emotion High in Northern Uganda as ICC starts the trial of LRA Commander

With nearly all the radios across northern Uganda and NGOs all talking about the Ongwen’s trial, victims’ hope for justice get stronger, and at the same time terrible memories of Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) Dominic Ongwen and his fellow commanders outweighs the feeling that he is going through formal court, the opportunity that he never gave to his captives.


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A plea for the African Union to act swiftly and address the plight of civilian populations in Burundi and South Sudan

Joined by some of Africa’s most influential entrepreneurs and human rights campaigners, Victor Ochen who is also Africa’s youngest Nobel Peace Prize nominee urged the African Union to save its image by acting swiftly and save lives of fellow Africans. Ochen, a re-known voice for victims of war, emphasized that failure by African Union to act on South Sudan and Burundi’s deteriorating situation is a betrayal of ordinary African civilians in both countries whose lives are gravely affected by continuing violence.

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Youth Welcome Sustainable Development Goals


Uganda is set for a historic moment on September 25, 2015, when 193 world leaders will commit to a series of ambitious targets when the world ushers in the Sustainable Development Goals. The SDGs are composed of 17 Global Goals and 169 targets to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years: end extreme poverty, fight inequality & injustice, and reverse climate change.

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Youth emerging as Leaders and Game changers for Peace and Reconciliation

The youth are undeniably a key force in achieving peaceful communities and forming paths to post-conflict recovery.  Despite this, they are often not only victims of crime but also perpetrators of violent crime. One of the main reasons for their involvement in criminal activity is poverty, which is a destructive consequence of the war.

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Commonwealth Youth Awards 2015 to Victor OCHEN, the Global Goals Ambassador for Peace and Justice, dedicated to Africa

A tremendous year indeed it has been for Victor OCHEN, being most recently awarded the Commonwealth Youth Worker of the Year and Commonwealth Africa Youth Worker of the Year on November 5, 2015 at the Commonwealth headquarters in London, for his outstanding contribution to advancing youth empowerment and development often times under dangerous circumstances and at considerable personal risk

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AYINET and Rotary Club Lira organise Health Camps, Family Health Days

A baby gets vaccinated against polio at one of the health camps held at Lira Referral Hospital.

Other health services freely provided were Cancer Screening (Cervical, breast, and prostate), Dental services, HIV/AIDs testing and counselling, Safe Male Circumcision, Family planning services and General medical diagnosis and treatment.

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Victor OCHEN, awarded the St. Norbert College Ambassador of Peace 2015

I am so grateful that I am here today, and as much as I appreciate this award and as grateful as I am for it, the greatest reward I’ve ever been given in life is the simple opportunity to help victims of war, to help generations of young and old people to learn take part in healing and recovery. A situation that will help them make peace in the world around them.

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AYINET to Scale up Medical and Psycho-Social Rehabilitation for War Victims in Greater Northern Uganda

On September 23 2015, African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET) will  launch a project entitled ‘Rehabilitating Communities and Victims for Effective Recovery’ (RECOVER) with the support from Democratic Governance Facility (DGF).

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"My best memory... it was on the football field with war victims.” UN Secretary- General on Uganda


“I visited Uganda several times. My best memory was not in a meeting room - it was on the football field. President Museveni and I played a friendly match for war victims. I was on the Justice team and he was on the Dignity team. Of course, justice and dignity go hand-in-hand so we were fighting for the same goals. I count on Uganda to continue supporting the United Nations as we promote peace, development and human rights in the country and the world.”

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Victims' Voices for Justice

“ICC will deliver justice to victims of the LRA,” said Ms. Fatou Bensouda, ICC Chief Prosecutor.

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AYINET Pays Respect to Victims of Atiak Massacre

The African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET), in its continuous identification, support for and cooperation with victims of war, financially supported and attended the Atiak Massacre memorial service that took place on 20 April 2015 at the Olya Primary School, Amuru District.


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Heal the Victims Even Before You Read the Verdict


International criminal justice needs to do more than carry out criminal trials

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Youths from  across Africa gather in Lira, Uganda with Peace and Equality emphasised as the most urgent concerns Read more

The African Regional Youth Summit has opened in Lira, Northern Uganda with a call for youth in Africa to embrace peace as they struggle with contemporary legacies of slavery, colonialism; and the civil wars.  Read more

Public understanding and ownership as well as Victims' participation is  key to the success of transitional justice: " As victims we are ready to participate "

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Engaging the Youth in Understanding Law as a Tool for Human Rights

What is MICC?

Model International Criminal Court (MICC) is a simulation of the International Criminal Court,

Restoring the Functionality of Children affected by war

AYINET has provided medical and psychosocial rehabilitation to over  5,000 direct victims

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© African Youth Initiative Network - Uganda 2016

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