Nelson Madiba Mandela, a symbol of reconciliation, peace and oneness the world came to know. A visionary and a realist, the one who never gave up hope and always put humanity first. He was never self seeking in the struggle for freedom; in his leadership; and always served a purpose higher than himself.  He was relentless in pursuing his goals no matter the odds and obstacles, and always sure of the legitimacy of his actions.


He united rather than divided in life and death. He registered in every mind that cared to know that he was a team player, one who treated everybody with dignity as he did himself. A charismatic leader; gifted with a great sense of humor. He died a Nobel Peace Prize winner, the first black President of South Africa. We will remember him as one man who dedicated his life to the struggle for freedom, peace and Justice. His legacy is our future; a future of unity, peace and forgiveness.


Not only do we celebrate Mandela’s life; but the most respected statesman of our era being an African. The worldwide outpouring of sympathy and the homage to his contribution is second to none. 


We can each learn and step in his big shoes to keep the flag of his legacy flying.


In his honor, African Youth Initiative Network will establish Mandela Peace Library.  Read More


"We can be Mandela; let us discover the Mandela in us".


"To young people of Africa and  around the world: You too can make Mandela life's work your own"

"To people around the world; we too can act on behalf of justice, we too can act on behalf of peace"

US President Barack Obama

“Mandela had been prepared to give up everything for freedom and democracy…”

UN Secretary General Ban Ki - Moon.

“Mzee Mandela spent almost the whole of his adult life fighting for freedom, starting as a youth... What a sacrifice!!...”

Uganda’s President YK Museveni.

“We promise God that we are going to follow the example of Mandela”

Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu

African Youth Initiative Network

AYINET - Uganda

War Victims' Conference on Transitional Justice ends in Lira with

a  call for immediate medical  and  psychosocial support

The Hon. Minister of Internal Affairs  Gen Aronda Nyakairima's opening remarks. "The government is ready and willing to work with you to achieve national reconciliation. peace and justice."

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The Director AYINET,

Mr. Victor OCHEN, gives an overview  of the conference

"alone we cannot achieve much, together we can move forward as a country.


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Public understanding and ownership as well as Victims' participation is  key to the success of transitional justice: " As victims we are ready to participate "


Communities with credible leadership that represents the culture of human rights.


AYINET is committed  to  partnerships at all levels aimed at creating new horizons for sustainable peace and justice


To mobilize and empower the youth and communities in promoting healthy, peaceful and just society.

Our Objectives

1. Providing Medical and Psychosocial Rehabilitation as a Form of Remedy for War Victims


2. Empowering Victims for Active Participation in Transitional Justice


3. Engaging and Empowering Youth as Leaders, Youth at Risk and Youth as Game Changers

AYINET is Committed to Making Peace and Justice a Reality for Victims and Survivors of War

Restoring Funtionality of Children affected by war.


"All I wanted was to be able to walk to School again,  and AYINET made it possible"

Engaging Leadership at all levels, to ensure

Justice for  Victims

...“Collectively, our solidarity with war victims’ world-over.

I wish to applaud the African Youth Initiative Network- AYINET, for hosting the War Victims Day Football Game. Football has brought us together today. World leaders, ICC State Delegates, War Victims and all people of good will for the noble cause. As we participate, each in our unique ways, we have the opportunity to identify with our brothers and sisters whose lives have regrettably not only been affected, but also defined by war and other cowardly acts of terrorism and crimes against humanity. Together with the United Nations, we in The Republic of Uganda express our solidarity with war victims”


President of Uganda

H.E Y.K Museveni


...“I express my deep respect to victims and survivors of crimes who experienced unspeakable atrocities. Instead of being crushed by war, you struggled and regained your dignity. Above all, your efforts in helping other people regain their dignity too. Mutually, the time is now we have to stand up in solidarity and protect the human rights for all. I want to thank the African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET) for organizing this memorable War Victims Football Match, they created opportunity for all of us to stand up and support victims of war”


United Nations

Secretary General

H.E Ban-Ki-Moon


Uganda’s President YK Museveni and the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon played football organized by

AYINET to mobilize support and solidarity for the Victims of War; during the ICC review conference in Kampala; May 2010.




JOIN The National War Victims Conference in Kampala Uganda

May 2014

Organised by

“From Victim to Survivor; the Struggle for Reparations, Remedies and Justice”

Decades of civil war have left deep scars in Uganda’s history. To date, the country is still struggling with

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Strengthening Victims Participation in Transitional Justice

AYINET, using a victim- centered and victim-responsive approach to provide healing and empowerment, and enable their recovery to participate in their families, communities and larger regional and national efforts for peace, justice and development


We work with victims to build an inclusive society, acknowledge and confront enduring legacies of injustice and marginalisation in post conflict communities in Uganda.

Youth Leadership Development

Engaging and Empowering Youth as Leaders, Youth at Risk and Youth as Game Changers for Peace and Reconciliation.

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Nelson Madiba Mandela

"In his honor, AYINET will establish Mandela Peace Library"

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The War Victims Conference ends in Lira ahead of the National War Victims Conference in Kampala May 2014

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